Monday, September 26, 2011


Hubby finished the wall with our fireplace and boy it looks just beautiful.  No one would know that it wasn't original to the house if we didn't say it.  My hubby is truly a rock star!  What he has been doing inside this house is just amazing.  I worry about him since he is working so very hard, but boy he truly is quite talented.

Here are the pics -

He ran the electric for the sconces, put it all in himself, it looks great.  He and the kids ripped the carpet up two weeks ago and the floor is in fantastic shape.  We like the high gloss so we will do that.  Now he's just waiting for the wall paper.  Wait till you see that!  He's doing an elaborate ceiling design traditional to the Victorian homes.  I'm excited!


  1. Looks amazing, Paula! Makes me want to get some work done at my house now!
    Give us a look-see once the wallpaper is up, will ya?

  2. As soon as it's done I'll get em up. We're waiting on the paper still hopefully by the next week we'll have it.



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