Thursday, September 1, 2011


My daughter Desirae's Bridal Shower was this past Sunday and we had a great time!  Other than the heat, coming in at about 105, all went great.  I had two misting fans going to help cool us down.  Des got so many wonderful gifts.  Her memory album was a big hit.  Going through all those pictures from when she was born to now was quite a trip for me.  The second and third pages are of my mother-in-law and my dad who are no longer with us and that was a bit tough for me.  Of course she cried when she looked at it as did my daughter Victoria.  Memories truly are a great thing to have and we have many wonderful and funny ones to always share.

I've done a slide show of the album, and some from her party.

What made it all even more special was my mom and my aunt both being here to share this day with us.  Before you know it November will arrive.


  1. Beautiful album, Paula! What a perfect gift. Glad to hear and see her day was filled with family, friends and lots of fun...a nice little prelude to her "big day!"
    I know this marriage has you over the moon, and I can't congratulate you enough!

  2. what a wonderful album Paula! How wonderful that your mom and aunt made it in for the shower! Looks like if was a great day!

  3. Beautiful album, Paula! And what a wonderful gift to receive. Love that paper with the butterflies, who makes it?

  4. What a beautiful gift! Congratulations! :)

  5. Hey Susan, the paper line is Iron Orchid Designs :)



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