Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dunkin Donuts....NOT!!

How many of you from Brooklyn remember the Dunkin Donuts truck coming through the neighborhood? "Dunkin Donuts Dunkin Donuts fresh every four hours, fresh every four hours!  Well I made some yummy donuts this weekend a helluva lot better than theirs!!  Got the recipe from my sis in law's Flour cookbook.  Flour is a bakery in Boston Mass, and is supposed to be off the hook good -

These are their famous cream donuts -

It wasn't all that hard, and let me tell you they were just delish, here are mine -

here is the process before -

For the pastry cream you had to press the custard through a sieve then chill then add 6 tblsp of heavy cream whipped to soft peaks and pipe into donuts.

I was able to get a dozen out of it, I am being very good and not eating the 2 that are left :)  I gave my gr.d's some to take home too!

I finished my album of Des and Omar's wedding it came just beautiful!!!!

Here is a slide show -

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Final Journey

 Sounds ominous, well that might be to tough a word, but it is the beginning of my MaryAnn's final journey through her childhood school years.  She started high school on the 8th of August. I can't believe it, another begins what hopefully be the most fun and exciting time of their young life.  This makes number four to be a freshie :)  What really blows me away is that I still have two more that have to do this yet!!!  Santino didn't want to go back, Sophia was on the fence with wanting to see all her friends.  Here is much different than in Brooklyn where your friends were all right next to each other so almost all of their socialization is through school.  Me, well I'm still not into to bring, come home, bring, come home, then bring and come home again, then do it in reverse for the pick-up.  Yeah that's right, all three are on different schedules, Mare at 7:25-2:30, Santino 7:45-1:50, and Sophia 8:45-3:25.  Luckily I'll be doing carpooling with Mare's best bud's Mom since she has 3 on the same time too, so we'll work out bringing and dropping off.  Just want them to get a few weeks under their belts before we work that out.

We had such a wonderful week in Carlsbad at the end of July.  This pretty little town is about 30 minutes from San Diego and we were right across the street from the beach.  We just carried our chairs right there.  When the kids got hungry, I went back made them lunch 1 2 3 and brought it right back to them.  We did the zoo one day and the outlet mall another, but otherwise we just chilled on the beach.  We all went walking on it at night which was so nice. Some really great places was the Chocolate Bar, yummy!! Just click the name to see it.  Another was a little place called Boxd, a waffle place where you can order a variety of waffle sandwiches, they were delicious!  The place was just neat, and it had quite a steady stream of people buying them.

In scrappy news, I'm making a wedding album of my daughter's wedding.  This one is all mine, not for her, also, I've given it some thought, and there is just no way I can create fast enough to open an actual booth. My process just takes too long.  The baby album I made for my friends sister took me about 3 1/2 days, I can't crank 5 or 6 of these suckers out in that short a time frame.  I am going to need to go on an order basis which is fine for me, I just need to attract a customer base.  I love the way the girls baby album came, here are pics, oh and it was nice getting paid for it too!

Little Darlings by G45 is one of them most gorgeous lines out there! b When I finish the wedding album I'll get it up.


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