Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So Interesting...

Ok, I gotta blog about this.  I LOVE the Most Interesting Man In The World commercials, the advertisers for Dos Equis are just geniuses!  They are witty and we just crack up!

Some of my favorites -

When he's in Rome they do as he does
Both sides of his pillow are cool
If he were to pat you on the shoulder, you'd list it on your resume
The weight of his words would break a lesser man's jaw

A few of my most favorites.  Stay thirsty my friends -


  1. Those commercials are great! Gotta love the advertisements that actually entertain us...so often it is the beer commercials! lol

  2. My son gets a kick out of those commercials, too. He also likes the Old Spice guy commercials.



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