Monday, September 12, 2011

True Blood - That's A Wrap

Well this season is over and on the whole I give it a B- 

Previous season ratings -
Season 1  A+
Season 2  F - MaryAnn Debacle what a mess!!  Only redeeming part, Godric.
Season 3  C 

Alan Ball has twisted and rewrote it to his liking and making it just ok.  The first season which followed the book the closest was the best so far.  

This would have ended so much better if he would have let it be the all out war with the witches.  Instead he had ghosts come (including Sookie's Gran) to take Marnie's spirit were she had to go. One problem, Marnie KILLED Jesus and her other little witch friend so what should've happened is the evil spirits should have dragged her to hell.  Leave it to AB to not want that to happen.

Andy's storyline was dumb and who the hell was that fae that had a little tryst whit him in the woods?  Again pulling junk from no where.

Death toll, well Tommy, who I could care less about, Queen Sophie, holy crap AB you annihilated a whole damned story line there!! Jesus while nice really didn't mean all that much to me, and he told Laffy he'll always be there since L is a medium so I'm sure Jesus will turn up all the time.  Nan, good riddance, Debbie Pelt, ditto, and low and behold could we possibly be lucky enough to be rid of the traitorous fickle Tara!!??  I doubt it, I'm sure Eric or Bill will come to the rescue.

And who do you think let Russel out?  Had to be poor Pam.  I don't like how much animosity AB has put between Pam and Sookie.  By this point in the books Sook and Pam had a working respect for each other.  Pam is a great character and I love her witty ways, I don't want to see her done wrong.

On the whole, I'm addicted and will continue to watch if only to see if just once he'll follow the books a bit better, and the fact that I do love the characters.

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  1. I am so with you. You have no idea how much I agree with your take on True Blood except I'd give this season a C-!



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