Monday, July 25, 2011

We're Getting Closer!!

Before you know it November 5th will be here and our daughter will be walking down the aisle!  All of us are starting to get VERY excited.  I have found two gowns that I am leaning towards, but I can be so fickle so we'll see.  And I should say that both daughters actually found them for me.  Here are pics -

Here are a couple of teasers of my dd's gown.  We went for her very first fitting last week and it was just breathtaking!!

That's her maid of honor, my niece Samantha.  That's all I'm going to show, I don't want to give away too much the next pics will be on her wedding day.  It needs it's steaming and altering, but the gown is just amazing.  The seamstress was putting in all the pins for the French bustle so we can pin it up at the reception, and the corset is just gorgeous, getting her ready is going to be something! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I've never gotten such great shots of fireworks before.  Every year the city does a show at The University of Redlands.  Each year we go out front and watch, but we can't see that good.  Well this year I took the kids and drove down to the college.  Dumb me thinking I was the only one doing that.  There were hundreds of people all around the surrounding blocks doing the same thing!  I did manage to get a spot where we could see the fireworks really well and I got some great pics! 

I will be doing a 4th mini-album with Bo-Bunny's Liberty line and these will go perfect!  The 4th has always been one of my fave holidays.  My dad was a real patriot and I think that is one of the reasons our country's birthday is so special to me.  I'll always remember him instilling love of country and respect for our flag in my brother's and me.

Once the album is done I'll post the pics.

Friday, July 8, 2011

I Couldn't Wait!!

Ok, so I go to the Prima Yard Sale, and guess what?  It really was a yard sale!!  Here I was thinking it was inside their warehouse, but no-siree, it was outside in their black top parking lot in the blistering heat!  And there were women up the wazoo on line, some with umbrellas to shade themselves, other dummies (read me) dressed nice in heels all fancy sweating enough water to fill a jug!  My scrap buddy Sophia was with me and she kept saying, "Ma, the convention we go to in Oct is much better than this."  I said I know but we've gotten some good deals here.  Some gals brought babies of various ages which was even dumber than wearing heels cuz they were yelling up a storm.  Some of the ladies looked like they were gonna pass out and their friends would be fanning them, others said that Prima should've had ice chests filled with water for sale.  Many looked like they were melting.  Me, well I was just happy to be there sweat and all!  They do this 4 times a year so I will go in the cooler months next time, but it was fun for me.

Here's my goodies -

All this and I spent less than $90 bucks!!  When I got there some ladies looked peeved saying this is all the old junk and left.  Well what'd they think, Prima was going to put out the brand new stuff for 1 buck or two?  For heavens sake in the above pic, those purple red and mossy flowers in the bags was just a dollar each!  Duh, yard sale, clean out the old to make room for the new.  Some are never satisfied, me on the other hand left with a big fat smile on my face :)

Guess Where I'm Going?

That's right, Prima's warehouse sale!!  I love their stuff and I'm taking dd Sophia with me.  She's my scrappy shopping buddy.  She comes with  me to the conventions and stuff.  Can't wait to see the loot I grab!  I'll post the goodies on Monday :)


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