Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Banner Fun

This weekend I finished a banner that I made with some major inspiration from Jennifer Priest.  Her banner is gorgeous and I tweaked mine a bit to make it my own.  I love the way it came!

Here is Jennifer's -

And here's mine -

I used my Happy Hauntings cart for the letters and the pumpkin, and one of my other carts for the scalloped circle that the Y sits on, sorry my memory stinks big time!  Lots of tulle, some glue stamping and sprinkled with glitter, I made little pleated flowers for the letters to sit on, ribbon and done.  It was a great way to use up some paper I've had in a DCWV stack for years.

Here are some cards I've made, they're going to be part of Christmas gifts this year -

They're a mix of holiday, birthday and just whenever.  Some have sentiments inside, others are blank for the person to put what they want.  I'll wrap them with their envelopes and I think it makes a nice gift.  Most were made with my paper scraps that I keep, it's whittled down quite a bit.

Hope you like :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another Awesome Gift!

Yup that's right, an iPad 2!!  My hubby gave this to me for my birthday on Sunday :)  It is just awesome.  I love it.  He gets me the greatest gifts ever.  This is right there with my kindle, and my cricut expression 2, actually I think I love this one the best.  The next day, he ordered me the screen protector and a little case for it.  Truly the man spoils me, I do love him so!

We're still waiting on that wallpaper.  Don't know how much longer but I know Hubs is dying to get it up! Since it's taking so long, I'm going to post some pics of the paper.

This is going to be on the ceiling -

This will be the center of the ceiling, you can see it a bit above too -

The walls will have this -

Needless to say we are anxious to see this done!  To give an idea of how rooms with ceilings and walls papered look here's a pic -

We didn't want to go with the bottom papered like in this pic.  That's called the dado, we felt it was too much.  In the meantime Hubby has started stripping the outside of the house.  I've changed my mind on colors about 3 times already.  Now we're leaning towards yellow what do you think -

I love how the porch floor is a high gloss gray.  So far I think this might be it.  We'll see....

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So Interesting...

Ok, I gotta blog about this.  I LOVE the Most Interesting Man In The World commercials, the advertisers for Dos Equis are just geniuses!  They are witty and we just crack up!

Some of my favorites -

When he's in Rome they do as he does
Both sides of his pillow are cool
If he were to pat you on the shoulder, you'd list it on your resume
The weight of his words would break a lesser man's jaw

A few of my most favorites.  Stay thirsty my friends -


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