Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Yes that time has come when the left-over paper scrap fairy has to pay a visit and make cards with all the leftovers.  I put a small dent in my stash of left-overs.  If you thought I had a bad paper obsession, well, I have a hard time throwing away the bits and pieces that have been cut for projects too.  Truly I need to make a rule that if it is less than a 3x3 piece it's gotta go.  Even trying to get something that small through my cricut is a pain and I need to let go!!

Any way, here are some of the cards I created.  I really love the rock princess one that I used scraps of Theresa Collins line with my new rock princess cricut cart!!  Have a peek -


I still have more and I think I'll make generic or thank you's since I have a lot of birthday ones. I'm also making my own envelopes since they're odd sizes.  Hope you like :)

Back To School!

Yup it's true, they're back to school already!!  I can't believe two whole months have went by this quick.  My Grandma would say, "when you realize how fast time flies, you know you're getting old."  I know it's going fast when last years first day felt like two months ago!!

Santino is now in second grade, and Sophia started Junior High, or Middle school as they like to call it here and was a bit nervous, but big sis will keep an eye out.  My dear MaryAnn is an eighth grader!  My granddaughter Aelyn is now in fifth, OMG I can't believe that!  And Gianna is in third.  Here's to a great school year :) and some pics of their first morning out -

Santino -


MaryAnn and Sophia -


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