Monday, January 24, 2011

Little Wonders

A friends who's son was in Santino's Kindergarten class made a beautiful dvd collage for us and I just got it last week. On it was several songs along with pics through out the kid's school year, it was so touching and this song by Rob Thomas just got me but good.  Go to the bottom of the blog to my music player and click on #63, Little Wonders and listen to that song, it's just beautiful. I did a lo based on the song and here it is -

I did the pic collage with my adobe photoshop elements, had my chip board leaves for a while, cut the gears with Timmy's distress cog diecuts and my big shot, and the title is my cricut with the gypsy font.

One Weekend Two Shots (Jan 22-23)

Here's my shots -

This pic isn't the best, but I love the fun they had with dry ice

Tummy aches were abounding in the house so we needed the pink stuff -

Thursday, January 20, 2011

One Weekend Two Shots (Jan 15-16)

Okay, now some of  you have just been having yucky snowy cold weather, and while here in so cali we don't get below zero we do have days of low 50's and nights as low as 30.  I mean right before Christmas we had such a cold snap and so much rain I thought we'd need an arc!!  Well that has passed, and every so often we'll get several freakish days of 80 degree weather smack dab in the middle of winter.  It doesn't last and it doesn't happen every single month, but this past week has been just glorious and my pics reflect that.

These bush/trees, yeah, to big to be a shrub but not quite a tree, have buds and blossoms aaaaall over them.  I have white ones, reddish pink and this pretty baby pink.

These are my kumquats, kinda like a tart little orange, you roll em between your fingers and eat them skin and all.  Ya know, these suckers go for 4 bucks a pound in the grocery store and I gotta have at least 60 pounds  on my tree!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

One Weekend Two Shots (weekends Dec 18th - Jan 8-9)

This is the BIIIIIG catch up!!!  I need to post 4 weekends of pics here!!  The holidays have come and gone, so it's time to get back into this project :)

My Fairies, I love them!

This pic of the Jenga blocks was awesome.  It looks like it's just floating!  We have been playing some games.

Oh the love of silly bands and Santa!

Holiday baking

Monday, January 3, 2011

Final Tags of Christmas

Here are the last 6 for Tim Holtz's Twelve Tags Of Christmas.  I really had such a great time making these.  I'll definitely do it again next year.  It was a great stress reliever for me!

This little snowman was cute.  I made him and the star with my cricut.  I stamped the snowflakes on the tag then ink-blended with the blue.

Next is Santa.  This is one of my faves!!  I stamped his image on a piece of paper and used it as a template on the tag so I could stamp the letter stamp over it then re-stamped the Santa onto the blank space. Ink-blended with red and green did his suit and then I stickled his beard and hat.  Cut out Believe and accent essentialed it added the photo corners for accents.

This window one my hubby gave some help with.  I love it!  The picture is from my vintage postcard book, the window I cut from cricut along with the vine along the top.  Ink-blended with the green. Hubby said to cut the card down so the window covers it completely and it came great.

This ornament I made with grunge paper.  Ink-blended with green and walnut over some florishes that I stamped on first, added stickers and some tulle and beads.

I thought a winter like scene would be nice.  I cut them from the cricut, ink-blended the tag and glittered the Season's Greetings which kinda makes it hard to read, but an ok tag.

Last but not least, with it being the 12 tags of Christmas what else, but 12 Lords A Leaping!  Followed all the same techniques I've used in the others and I like how it came.

I hope you like them as much as I do.  I actually gave some on gifts to those I knew wouldn't throw them away.  It's kinda like giving away a kid....well not quite, but you feel that tug as you let it go :)


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