Monday, September 26, 2011

I Finally Did It!!

This past Saturday I finally took a class at my lss, Collective Journey!  I am soooo glad I did.  I happened to look at the calendar they put out and saw that the class was going to be an altered graphic 45 Magic of Oz mini-book.  For those of you who aren't familiar with graphic 45, this paper line is just amazing.  They have vintage looking wonderful designs and I love them.  I also have a major problem cutting the paper but after Saturday I don't think that'll be the case any loner. 

You can see their Oz line *HERE*  The class was taught by Andi, who was just an awesome teacher and fantastic artist.  You can check out her blog, Kutz Paper Scissors by clicking the title.  Very patient, took her time, had all the details cut out for us and each page paper clipped together for us.  I had a blast.  Here are the pics from my book -

Didn't it come great!!  We used pop dots to add more dimension to the pages and stickles, glossy accents and crackle accents, some glass glitter, twine.  So many textures.  Graphic 45 lends itself to so many gorgeous ideas.  One funny thing, when we got there Andi asked each of us to pick a book.  They were hard covered books with no cover jackets.  Then we had to cut out the pages and just use the front and back covers!  I said to the other gals at my table, "this feels sacrilege cutting up a book like this." we were all giggling, but now if there are some books that are just shot, well I know what to do with em.  I was looking to see if it was a good book or not, me with my book blog and love of reading!


  1. This is very pretty, Paula! Glad you were able to take a class like you wanted!

  2. Awesome work, Paula! Any ideas what you'll use the book for?
    I recently bought a paper pack at a yard sale with some g45 paper in it....can't wait for a chance to use them!

  3. I will probably put some pics in it. The gr.d's were Dorothy and Glinda a few Halloweens ago and I think those are perfect!



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