Monday, July 12, 2010

True Blood and Eclipse

I have to come clean, I am a True Blood pimp, it's true I can't help but push this show!!

Now there might be some spoilers in this so if ya haven't watched it yet and don't wanna know....


Did ya see it last night?!!  OMG it is getting so darn good!  Tara is a dummy, after last season being bamboozzled by MaryAnn, she's now getting glamed by  Franklin Mott.  And oh boy is he not the skurviest cukoo a$$ed vamp you ever saw?  He is yucky!!

Bill, what can I say, I hated him in the books and guess what, I really hate him in the show!!  What a wussy tattletale baby he is!  Poor Pam is getting tortured cuz of that crumb!  I know they're doing it different from the books, but he didn't have to do Sookie like that either.  What a wipe.

I liked Sookie all biker chicked out.  Alcide looks funny in plaid shirts, didn't get that vibe about him in the books at all. I know he's in construction, but he OWNS the darn company.  He was wearing suits for cyring out loud, not dressed like Paul Bunyan!  Then all those were's were going bonkers, man, I was saying "Get outta that bar ya nut!" to Sookie!

Oh and I am lovin the Erik-Lafayette banter!!  Did you hear him call Lafayette RuPaul?! LMAO!

And the piece de resistance -

Eric and Sookie together in the hotel.  I knew one of em was dreaming, but it was good none the less!

Here's a recap of last night


Now for Eclipse, I took the kids to see it on Friday.  It was good.  I have to say, neither Edward or Jacob are anything to write home about, guess I'd have to be 16 for that.  Edward just isn't the adonis he's made out to be in the books.  All in all the kids loved it, but this will be the last one they go see unless I see it 1st.  It was starting to get a bit dicey with him n her, so the next will only be more so. 

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  1. I agree on every point about True Blood. I'm so looking forward to next week's episode. Can't speak about Eclipse because I haven't seen it. I haven't even seen the second movie yet.



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