Monday, March 29, 2010

And The Best Actors Are...

Well, in my humble opinion anyway, Robert Deniro, Anthony Hopkins, and Paul Newman. Deniro, for the sheer transformation he undertakes in his roles. I picked side by side shots of him to show how he actually became Jake LaMotta the middleweight boxer of the 50's. He packed on the pounds. He is an amazing actor. Anthony Hopkins I love. He was soooo frightening as Hannibal Lecter. What a character! Legends of The Fall, The Wolfman, I think he is just fantastic. Then there is Paul Newman. I included 2 pics of Paul when he was young so that the younger girls in the group can see just how gorgeous this man was. He had the bluest of blue eyes! He aged with the same beauty. Newman had so many unbelievable movies, but it took the Academy till 1986 to finally give him the nod for The Color Of Money. He snubbed them and said-

"It's like chasing a beautiful woman for 80 years. Finally, she relents and you say, 'I'm terribly sorry. I'm tired.'"

Movies like Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, The Hustler, Cool Hand Luke, The Sting, Absence of Malice, The Verdict. Splendid actor, and a devoted husband to actress Joann Woodward. He was on I think the Mike Douglas show oh so many years ago and he was asked why his marriage works so well and he said "Why go out for hamburger when you have filet mignon at home."

Of course there are honorable mentions, Meryly Streep, Glenn Close, Denzel Washington, Marlon Brando and Al Pacino, though I must say, Ally boy has become a caricature of himself the past several years basically playing the same role just different names.

Well did you expect me not to be opinionated on this subject? Ya'll should know me by now, and I have an opinion on everything!! Some things stronger than others ;), lol!

Here are my layouts for Emma's circle journal followed by the tag for her sign in page and Serene's tag as well. This is turning out to be such a wonderful cj, again I thank my dear Scrap Sistah Diva Lisa for coming up with this great idea!

I used my cricut for the frame, the mats and the lettering. That was the George cart. My doodlebug sugar glitter and some glue with my stamp gave a little zing, and some stars scattered here and there for a simple but nice layout.

Here are the tags-


I finished Magic Bites and I LOVED it!!! I found it much better than Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison. Don't get me wrong, I'll continue with Harrisons series, but I am moving on to book 2 Magic Burns already. I really like the character Kate Daniels, I like the other players as well. Curran is a shifter, the pack leader, your Majesty if you will. He's a lion, and boy do he and Kate butt heads off the wall! She is a tough cookie willing to die if necessary. The story was her hunt for the killer of her guardian. It takes place in Atlanta, that no longer exists as we know it. Magic abounds everywhere, the vamps are so very gross, not like True Blood or Twilight, very very different. Pick it up, well worth it.

Do you know I have read over 6000 pages since the 1st of the year already? 6690 pages to be exact, and 19 books! I'm keeping track to see how much I can do in one year, kinda neat.


  1. I love love your pages and your tags are awesome!

  2. Terrific choices! Newman was such a classy guy. I totally agree with you on Pacino. He was awesome in Serpico, but come on... that was years ago and he's stuck on it. Your pages are super, Paula. Love those pics of you on the tags and your new blog photo too. Great work!

  3. Wonderful choices, great layout and fabulous tags!
    Oh, and loving your new blog photo!

  4. Oh my, you and I were on the same design train on this one. I used b&w and a star for my sign-in too. LOL Great los and fabulous choices. Paul was indeed gorgeous! Pretty blog; love the colors.

  5. Love your layout! Great choices, and I love all of the stars. Cute tag, too!



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