Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I have finished Outlander and I have to say it was one of the most wonderful books I have ever read! This was such a touching story about Claire and Jamie. Claire Beauchamp Randall is married to Frank. She was a nurse during WWII, and Frank is a Professor. They are taking a 2nd honeymoon in Scotland now that the war is over, and Frank is doing some family ancestry digging. His Great Great Great Great Grandfather Jack Randall was a Captain in the British Army. They are staying at a Scottish Bed and Breakfast. Claire has some time on her hands during the day so she occupies herself with some of the local people, and sites. She goes to Scottland's "Stonehenge" and tumbles through this stone passage back 200 yrs.

Finding herself in the middle of some fighting, arms come up behind her and she mistakes it for her husband Frank as she turns and looks at him. It's his ancestor Capt Jack, or Black Jack as he was called, and he attacks her! In the midst of all this she is saved by some Scottish Highlanders, the Clan MacKenzie and this is where she meets her new love Jamie. He is wounded and she treats him as they continue to his Uncle's castle.

What she finds out over time is that her husbands ancestor is a real SOB!! The man has serious issues and the things he has done to Jamie and does to Jamie brought me to tears. I don't cry during books, only 1 other time did it happen to me, but this had me crying big fat baby tears. I was heartbroken. It just reaches out and rips your heart!!! I don't want to say anymore, just go and read it, find out what she decides as far as her husband Frank and the choices she makes. I am going to continue in the series. It is a beautiful book.

I'm now on the last Chelsea Cain series, Evil At Heart, lets see what poor Archie Sheridan does this time...


I just wanted to throw some pics of Santino at his first game of the t-ball season. He is so small but he just loves it and he is really adorable. That punum of his saves his life all the time!!
Playing first base.

Look at him hit and run!


  1. More good reads, and just look at Little Man! Too cute! We tried T-ball once. My oldest spent most of the time looking up at the sky. Who knew there were so many wonderful clouds and birds to be found there!

  2. Oh I miss the kids and little people sports. They are so funny and fun at that age.
    So, just wondering... with all this reading how do you manage to do laundry? This is why you can't email me anymore... you're stuck in a book! :)

  3. Oh he is so handsome and what a batter!



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