Tuesday, March 16, 2010

That's Unusual!

Do I have your attention? lol! Well I don't know how unusual it is, but my friend Serene's cj subject is 4 unusual things you've done. Okay at first I was saying "I'm in trouble", but I started getting the smoke going and I came up with 4!!

  1. We were on The Family Feud! Imagine that?! When we first moved to cali my hubs signed us up. Myself, hubs bils Mark and Al, and my Father-in-law went on. Had a blast, won $2000 to split, and more Rits dye and WD40 that I could ever use!!! I would say that is THE most unusual thing we've done.

  2. Moving to California with no promise of a job, just cheaper housing. Most would never make such a big move from one coast to the other without the promise of really good employment. It was a very hard thing for me, and at times I seriously contemplated going home since we struggled for a long while. And yes, New York is still home. I've lived here almost 21 yrs and I will always say, "Oh I'm going to be going home for a visit."

  3. Having 6 kids. Yes, it's unusual, in a day and age when most only have 2 maybe 3 tops we went and had 6, nuff said ;)

  4. Getting married at 16 and still being married. Most wouldn't get married so young, I certainly wouldn't encourage it in any of my own, but the fact that 29 yrs later we're still going strong and he's the light of my life, well that's unusual!

So there ya go. Not oddball out of this world, but I guess a bit unusual. Here are my layout pics-

I haven't done the tag yet, I can't remember what it was. I'll get on that as soon as I find out what it is and then I'll put it up.

Here are some cards I've completed. My favorite is the Fairy card I made for Sophia's birthday with the Tinkerbell cricut cart.

Finshed reading Evil At Heart. I highly recommend this series, here is my quick review -

As always Ms. Cain does not dissapoint! Gretchen Lowell is so twisted and an insane genious, it's amazing. She knows just how to manipulate, and she can read people so well it is shocking.

Archie is so on the edge. If it would have been available to him he would have slipped right back into his drugged haze. I fully enjoyed this book, I was proud that Archie fought his demons, as hard as it was for him. I'm sad about he and his wife. We'll have to see, since there is most certainly an opportunity for #4.

The only thing that bothered me was all the crap that keeps happening to him and reporter, uh I mean journalist, since she prefers that title, Susan Ward. It's like, oh my gosh, what else is gonna happen. Kind of reminded me of Andy Sipowitz from NYPD Blue, everything under the sun that could go wrong did! It starts to get a little old. That and the fact that Archie lied to his partner Henry. Cop partners have a very special relationship, and Henry loves Arhie and has had Archie's back, has saved him and pulled him back from the depths so often, I was shocked that the author allowed that to be.

All in all, an awesome read. Gretchen Lowell is without a doubt a fantasic psycho, Ms Cain has outdone herself with this series and hope she gives us more!


I am now reading Dead Witch Walking, by Kim Harrison. It's a little slow going, she is building the world and characters, it is definitely urban fantasy, the romance is non-exsistant. It'll come in some of the later books, but for now she is busy building the worlds. Rachel is a witch, and she just quit the I.S which is like the CIA for the supernatural. There is now a hit out on her and she is trying to stay alive while catching a bad guy that will buy her her freedom. Jenks is her pixie sidekick, he is very funny, and Ivy is her non-dead vampire somewhat friend who she lives with. Yes un-dead. In Ms Harrison's world vamps can be born and then die into full vampdom. Ivy hasn't been a practicing vamp in 3 yrs, not drinking blood, and Rachel is still so very wary of her. I'm almost done and will continue in the series.


  1. Beautiful, Paula! Your elements almost jump off the page. Love, love, love them.

  2. Ooooo - I just loved your 4 unusual things! Family Feud! One of my imaginary friends is a TV star! ;)And can I say how much guts it took to make the cross country move. We moved a couple states away a few years ago, and it was a miserable experience. We came back to KY five months later. And yes, six kids IS unusual. As is four in this day and age. We have all kinds of crazy around our house, I can only imagine life with six! TFS!

  3. Lovely layout, Paula. Love the colors, and I loved reading about your unusual things. Kudos to you especially for getting married so young and staying married! (And for all those kids.. hehe)

  4. What can I say your blog is unbelievably entertaining and you are wonderful!!Luv U, Mom

  5. Love your layout....so pretty and your unusual points are great! Unusual, yes, but worked out so well for you!

  6. Love the colors Paula. They just jump off the page! I am so stuck on this theme. Oh wait... just had an idea!
    Your cards are just to cute!
    You have been busy haven't you.

  7. I am so behind on your blog. I love the background, so beautiful and I feel the blooming of a new season. Unusual, the Family Feud, I bet I saw you and don't even remember it. Love everything you've done in your life, what a blessing to have a terrific hubby and kids. Great layout, beautiful designs, and books, you are way ahead of me, again, you have that Pacific time, more time on your hands than this darn EST, ha!



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