Monday, June 14, 2010

True Blood....Finally!!

Ok, I have to say, it looks like this season is gonna rock!!  I loved epi 1.  They are putting the were's right in the mix out of the gate.

Some thoughts, I didn't like Tara before, wish Mr. Ball would've stuck with the books on her, but now I think I hate her.  She's an unattractive character and she makes me sick.  Her mother is a friggin idiot case closed!  I am soooo happy that he didn't kill off Lafayette, his character is fantastic, I also flipping adore Pam.  Are you picking up what I'm putting down ; )

Eric is what he is.  Unapologeticly vicious cut throat do what you have to do vamp, case closed.  I love him.  Glad Jessica and Hoyt will probably hook up again.  The Queen is still a ? for me.  Not sure where he's going with her yet so I'll have to see.  I didn't really like her in the books too much, I'm sure it will be no different in the show either. 

Poor Jason, he is having some issues.  I like his character much better than I did in season 1, even though I hated the MaryAnn storyline, I liked how Jason grew.  Looking forward to more of him.  Lets see where Sam and his family go.  Boy I almost threw up in my mouth when I saw he and Bill together.  Phew on how that ended.  It was almost too much for this Brooklyn girls little heart!  I now understand what A.B. meant about the erotic connection between the 2 after the blood exchange.

Bill, what the heck is up with that?  The were's took him and where is he going to wind up?  Ever the gentlemen, he gave that old lady money for her blood, what a nice vamp he is ; )  Poor Sookie can't get any help from the cops finding him, and boy, what a friend Tara is. 

All in all I think we're in for a wild ride.  I have read all the books, I like that he doesn't follow them to a t, but I hope there was enough hoopla from the fans after the MaryAnn debacle that he doesn't go bonkers with a storyline like that EVER again.


  1. Fab post - i forgot the erotic component on the blood sharing but it was just weird, like cilantro in marinara.

  2. I agree on all your points, Paula, but no mention of Eric's tushy?!?! Oh my!!! Oooh la la! I love him! Tara and her mom need to go and I'm not so keen on the Queen either but Lafayette cracks me up. I'm so glad he's still on the show. That was a great line from Pam. I expect to be hearing that line a lot from now on as it catches on in every day speech. Great show and I can't wait for next week!

  3. Girl you SAID IT! What a ride I hope we are in for!
    I was screaming at the tv when Bill & Sam were doing their thing! I was like NOOOOO! Man that was close!
    I love love love Lafayette... and Pam, she is just flippin awesome!
    You know I liked Tara in season 1. But now... yuck. Lafayette telling her momma... no way are going to build a bridge! He said it better!
    And the Queen.... nope... don't like her!
    I can not wait until next week!
    I finished book 9 on our drive home last week... off to find #10 now!



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