Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cards Part Deux

Well, I could not resist.  I loved these so much, I had to do a spin on them and did a square card, and glued them down onto white cardstock that opens up.  The round ones I just made post card type where you write on the back of them.

I have to say the Christmas one is my fave so far.  I had leftover BoBunny Christmas paper and I used my faithful Mary Englebright calendar pages.  I have so many saved of the month of December since they are just to cute.  The last is just a regular rectangular card.  It was to small for the other pattern, so I made this pretty little butterfly themed one.

Hope you like -

They are just too sweet.  I finished my tag for Jean's cj, can you believe I was in Vegas and didn't get a pic of me by any road signs for Lisa's?!  I need to snap to it so that I am totally finished.  As soon as I do that I'll get pics of those up.

Hey, go check out my other blog if you're a fan of reading like me.  I fixed it so that now my blog has 3 columns instead of just the 2, had to tweek in the html lingo snazzy huh ; )


  1. Oh my! Such amazing cards! I love them all. That scalloping is fantastic, too. Super job!

  2. Love the cards Paula. What a great idea to use your calendar pages. I always hated to throw those out! You are just so clever!

  3. Beautiful cards, Paula! Love those vintage-looking Christmas cards especially!

  4. Beautiful cards! I too always hate to throw away the pretty calendars. You've inspired me to use them this year! Anyone would be delighted to receive one of your cards.

  5. Those are fabulous cards Paula. Anyone would love to receive one of those for sure.




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