Thursday, April 15, 2010


Why yes, I am and do for scrapping, and that's Courtney's cj subject.  I re-purpose a LOT of stuff for scrapping, you just can't help it.  This is a hobby that just lends itself to that sort of thing.

This is the inside of my scrap closet, which I also share with my kid's games.  That's ok, one day I'll have a room to myself ;) anyway the ribbon is on an old tension rod I had.  It works great for storing the spools I have.  The next is a pretty box I picked up at Party City.  I just cut some holes, bought a dowel and cut that, stuck it through and then threaded the ribbon.  The coat hook I had bought from a Home Decorator party and never used it, till I had the Uh Hah moment and said that'll work for my fancy cutter's and little punches. 
 On this page you have one of the VERY many basil containers I save for all my scrappin doo-hickies.  They hold buttons and flowers, stickers and chip board glitter letters, rub-ons and any other overflow I have.  They are just perfect, and you can be sure I always have em, what Italian doesn't use basil?  Or bahsileegole as my family says.  That is most certainly the phonetic spelling friends.  I picked up that little pink crate, where I don't remember but it is just perfect for stickles.  Though my collection is growing and I'm going to need a bigger one soon!  My journaling just lists the things that I re-purposed.  What a great way to be green without any effort what so ever.  Awesome subject Courtney!  My tag is re-purposed too, a music card.  I save those things and gift cards too, and one day I'll use em for a project, but I thought it would be perfect for this :)

The next cj is Jessica's, 3 things I love about summer.  Hands down the 4th of July is my favorite thing of all!  Next to Christmas it's my fave.  I don't know why, but I love the bbqing and celebrating of our country's birth.  We spend the day just enjoying each other and eating then doing some fireworks.  The kids always have fun.  Next is just the long lazy day's of summer itself.  The fact that you don't have to go or be anywhere is so wonderful and I'm very very lucky that I can be at home with my kids and do just that.  One of the wonderful things summer in my town brings to us is the Redlands Bowl, click on it to see just how fantastic this is!  And it's all free.  Every summer I take the kids and we have a picnic dinner and enjoy the show.  We've seen Beauty and The Beast, Brigadoon, The Wizard of Oz, Lorna Luft  just to name a few.  It's a fantastic way to spend a summer night and get some great culture.  Here are the layouts -

Here are the tags I made.  For Court's I used a music card that Starbucks gives out each Tuesday for iTunes.  Hey Courtney, you can use the card if you have iTunes, and you like the song!  Jessica's is just a summery fourth kinda tag -

Of course being last minute Lucy, I missed the Scrapping to The Music's deadline and didn't get it in.  The song was Footloose, from the movie of the same name.  I had everything ready to go, just not done.  Oh well, I need to work on that.  In the meantime I'll post it here.  Yes those are my kids flying through the air and landing on my couch while Dad snaps the pics.  Nice, huh?  Oh well, it doesn't hurt to cut loose, footloose once in a while right ;)

This week I will try very hard to get the layout done and in before the deadline!  So what do all of you that blog think of blogger's changes?  I'm liking them, the only thing that bugs me a bit is you can't upload more than 1 pic at a time, unless I'm missing something.  Otherwise it's very nice : )  Don't forget to travel to my other blog and become a follower, find out about some books you might be interested in, and just read the reviews and funny observations about another of my passions. 

Have a great rest of the week and weekend!



  1. Love all your LOs, Paula! Must know more about those Basil bags... Love the fireworks on your 4th of July pages. Looks like the kids must have a blast when Dad's watching!

    Seriously - my word verification is "aerail"! How's that for spot on?

  2. Ok, I don't know what to comment on first. There's so much good stuff on this post. First, I love the Footloose lo. Those pics of the kids flying thru the air are fabulous. The Repurposed lo is so pretty. I have that same pp but you used it so much better than I did. The 3-d embellies just give it that right amount of pop. Clever idea for the sign-in, too. And your Summer los are so "festive". Great work!!!

  3. Wow, you've been busy! Love all the layouts! Your summer one just screams well.. summer! Love what you did with the Top Note die-cut. Very cool sign-in tags too. Clever!

  4. These are all great! Love, love, love the flying kids....that's a dad for you! heehee.....



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