Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh Well

I didn't get an email on the 30th from Memory Makers, so my layouts didn't make it into their book :( boo hoo. Just kidding, I'm not that upset or disappointed for that matter. Though, it has afforded me the opportunity to post the layouts I submitted here on my blog. Yay! I loved the way they came, hope you like them too -
This is the layout my brother's in law ribbed me about and then spoofed, I love this one. The heart I made with my stampin-up stamp and then the accent glaze to shine it up nice. I love the affect of the love quote over the word ever, then the 4 overlaying it all.

This is on the small side, I had resized for emailing ease, but it's from Sophia's 1st recital. Love the colors and the accents.
Next up is Courtney's cj, her theme is items repurposed for scrapbooking, so I need to get moving on it. I didn't scrap AT all this past week!


  1. Well, Memory Makers don't know nothing! I love it, especially knowing the ribbing you took from your bil's over it.
    Sophia looks adorable!
    Thanks for sharing, Paula!

  2. Pretty layouts, Paula! Love the pictures and the little accents you added. Better luck next time.. keep submitting! :)

  3. I agree with Courtney. MM's loss. Better luck next submission!

  4. Keep playing - they'll eventually recognize your genius. Love all your special accents that make the pages sparkle.

  5. You just keep submitting and soon they will see what all the rest of us see!
    I so admire you for that fact that you stuck with it and got them submitted!
    You already know I love the pages!
    The glitter and sparkle just rocks!
    And at least they didn't pick your BIL's! hehe!



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