Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Okay I'm Showing Off

Two things. One is my circle journal all finished with my pictures put in. I love the way it came! Each page is just so beautiful! I loved going through my flash drives and picking the pictures for it. I went back a few years too! This was a special album and I wanted to put pictures that brought the most wonderful memories back for me. Serene's 2 pages happen to be very special. I put my parents and my inlaws wedding day photos in the lay outs. It looks beautiful. I will describe the pictures in the slide show this time instead of the artists who did the page.

The other thing is my nose!! I went and had it pierced! That was another of my Christmas gifts from Hubby. I've wanted to do it for a while. I thought it would look cute, and ya know what, it does!! Uh oh, I don't think I told you Mommy. I got my nose pierced. Doesn't it look nice :)

Something else that I am soooo stoked about! Our master suite in the attic is finally finished!!! Yay!! * Jumping around doing the happy dance!!* It took a year, but John did it all by his lonesome. Well Johnny-Boy helped a whole lot, but he did the sheetrock through tiling the bathroom floor, to building a window seat and a built in book case. It is just magnificent! Here's a before and an after. Hopefully we'll be in by this weekend!

Oh, and I am digging the new blog background! The cutest blog on the block has some really awesome designs to choose from.

I've got some odds and ends going on here. I have joined a book challenge, I guess you'd call it, keeping track of how many pages you'll have read in a year. So far I have read over 700 pgs!! I am just munching through the books. The other thing is scrappy. I am going to get myself involved in some challenges to push my creativity a bit. This is inspired by the sensei of scrap Miss Elaine Divita Knies. You can catch her blog listed in my faves. This woman never ceases to inspire me, she is an awesome artist. I bow down to you Miss Elaine, may you continue to give me inspiration you wonderful beautiful lady!

And now my finished Circle Journal slide show.



  1. Hey,you know that I feel anything you do is great that is truly beautiful. Your talent is coming out, more so, with each project you take on. As for the piercing, OH Oh is right!! Don't worry, I still love you.

  2. It's all beautiful my friend! The circle journal is a work of art. The bedroom is just amazing. John should be proud of his work! Johnny-Boy too... and your nose my dear...
    you are one H-O-T momma!
    Love you!

  3. Oh wow, the album is absolutely beautiful now that you've finished it off with the pics. Not that everyone's work wasn't wonderful, it was; but scrapbooking really is nothing without the pictures and stories.
    And your attic suite is just gorgeous! Love the furniture; glad it all finally fit!

  4. Love your CJ! What a wonderful keepsake to have, and a bonus that so many wonderful people were able to contribute to it. Love the bedroom, Gorgeous! As for the nose bling....you are a brave, brave lady! You are totally rockin' it. Looks great!

  5. Your bedroom is gorgeous - what a great retreat for you and John.
    The CJ is beautiful. Isn't it fun going back through photos and recycling them to be new again?

  6. oh oh oh, you bought that furniture, oh oh oh my and the linens, I love it. I am trying so hard not to be green with envy. You deserve it. Will tell you again, the nose piercing fits you my sister. Glad you are joining the challenges, it will keep you busy until the book comes out. And BTW, I think the background is stunning, course, I'm a a purple and black fan doesn't hurt does it. thanks for that precious compliment, that was so kind. Enjoy that bedroom. That bed looks so comfy, what a place to read a good book or two...Love you.

  7. Oh Sorella, I forgot to mention the cj. I think it was made just for those pictures. It turned out wonderful! Love the pictures you placed in it!

  8. Ooh Paula, I like your master suite! And the CJ looks beautiful.



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