Monday, December 28, 2009

Circle Journal Pieces

This is going to be dedicated to all the layouts I have done in the Circle Journal swap I participated in this past year. In a past blog I did a slide show of my cj and how beautiful it came with all the gals who played. Now I will put together the photos of all of my work. I hope each gal likes how they came. This was a great swap and I had fun doing it.

I didn't take pics of all. I missed Kathi's and Serene's, sometimes my head doesn't hit on all it's pistons. Thankfully my dear Miss Elaine took a few photos for me after I sent it on to her, cause I forgot to snap Lisa's and Carrie's as well.

The gals each had such wonderful books. Courtney's had me on the floor with the quotes from the kids! I love Kelsey saying I'm not eating this slump! We all have created some of the most beautiful albums I have ever seen! Travel, friends, kids, pets, music. So inspiring, and yes, some will be very bittersweet, since life changes on a dime. This was a very fullfilling swap to be in and I would love to do it again. This time maybe we can turn it around in under a year ;).

May everyone have a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year!!!

Enjoy the slide show, listen to the music that already is playing, or pick from my playlist and enjoy.

** Just a spoiler warning now, if you don't want to see what was done for your book, don't go past this part**


  1. Well we made it till midnight. That's me, Bailey Ann, the two dogs (eyes closed) watching tv and crafting.
    I love this post. What talent, what wonderful work you did. Thanks for the video. WOW, can't wait to see mine. Hope none of Grandma's slump spilled on it!
    Happy 2010.

  2. Love it, love it, love it! Most of these, I've seen but it's great to remember them again as this cj has taken a loooong time to get around (I can't complain though, as I'm one of the guilty parties to that!).
    And I love the little teaser to my own album....can't wait to get it back.

  3. Paula - you did great work on these CJs! I especially love what you did in Elaine's book. I can see the growth you've had over this LONG year and I too would love to do this again. Maybe we can put together a smaller group that would be committed to moving quickly in 2010! -- Kathi



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