Friday, January 22, 2010

Daily #'s Circle Journal

Here is the cover page to my daily #'s cj. My subject is 3 favorite book characters -

I used my cricut to cut the frame and then got my stickles and some little bling . It's simple but elegant. I have my layout all planned in my head already. I was going to wait and post it along with the sign in page, but I was anxious to get this up there.

Now, on a second note. Sunday my beloved Jets are playing the Colts. Against every sportscaster and analyst they beat the Chargers, who I have always hated. Only Terry Bradshaw took em to win. I love the Jets and have always hoped year after year after year that they would take it to the SuperBowl. They have that young gun Mark Sanchez, they're a young team, a brash rookie coach who seems to just be feeding them nothing but good stuff. I'm hoping for a Jets - Saints SuperBowl!!!



  1. Your frame is just beautiful, Paula. Nice font too! Look great. Looking forward to seeing these as you gals progress.

    BTW I'm passing the Honest scrap on to you:

  2. I LOVE the frame. That's just beautiful. Excellent job!

  3. Paula, great first page.. love the frame and all the bling!

  4. Very pretty! I'm a bit stumped on yours, but I know it'll come together in the end. I think you'll get a laugh out of the characters I've chosen so far!



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