Sunday, December 13, 2009

Collected Treasures

Through the years I have acquired so many wonderful pieces that I display at Christmas. Some are from as far back as when we lived in Brooklyn! I love decorating the house. It isn't easy and takes at least 2 sometimes 3 days since there is so much house and goodies, but so worth it for it looks beautiful! Here are some pics of my favorite things.

These are my angels that I have been collecting for the past 27 yrs easy. Most have been gifts. My family knows I love them!

This I've had for a long time my brother Thomas and sister in law Joann got this for us one Christmas. The glass tree was from Brooklyn too!

I love Santa and we've collected all different kinds through the years.

This big guy is special. I bought one for both Mom and me in memory of my Grandpa our first Christmas without him.

Here are my Mark Roberts fairies and platters that I've only started in the past 3 years, my Mom buying me my very first fairy, and then a second while my parents were here last year. The large platter was bought by a very dear friend, Barbara Hirshman, a wonderful woman that I met through my English friend Sharon. I just bought 3 more large fairies this past Saturday, it was buy 2 get one free at my most favorite shop, Mozarts. Shhhh don't tell Hubby, I plopped down 150 bucks for em.

These are on my dining table

These are on my buffet, he's one of my new boys

He's new too

Another of my dishes

A collection I've hung on the wall for Christmas

I love Santa!!

and I love all things shiny and sparkly, my Mom and Aunts would call me Mrs. Bouna Sera(good evening) when I was little, and I really haven't changed much now that I'm all grown up ;) !

I had to include these two pics of my ZuZu, I put the curtains in the laundry room to wash, I was folding clothes and of course Zu has to be right by my side, and the curtains work! The photo was taken by, you guessed it, Sophia "Ansel Adams" Rose!

She was by far the best present my Hubby has bought me! And he has bought me lots of wonderful gifts through the years. What a surprise she was. He always said, I'm a one dog man, and one dog to a family, but for me, he got me her. She was so very tiny and he put her in the littlest box, I never would have guessed, she weighed barely a pound. She's my little rottweiler. If anyone touches me when she's in my lap or I'm holding her, she goes just bonkers! Johnny-Boy likes to break her chops. He'll yell my mommy and touch my arm or shoulder and she growls and barks then when he puts his face next to her, she cries and licks his face. What a cookoo, but I love her!

I will try, but if I don't get back on before Christmas, may you all have a Blessed one filled with family and friends, making new memories and reminiscing on past ones!

Love Paula


  1. What wonderful pieces you have, and so many beautiful memories from them! That's the best part, the memories.
    Love your Santas, I'm a Santa collector too.
    Wishing you and your family love and happiness in the coming year!

  2. Oh pretty it all is. I must try and get some pics of my treasures posted. While we can't actually be in each others home and see it's the next best thing. Really makes me feel like I'm there seeing it! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. I love the decorations. I collect Santa Claus and you have some darlin' treasures at your home. And that dog, good grief, what a cutie pie...snuggle up to that little beast. Mama's girl. Thanks for showing us all the wonderful collection of treasures.

  4. Everything looks so pretty and festive Paula. While I cherish the days of my children being small, I do look forward to the days when I can once again put out the breakable stuff! LOL! Your little furbaby is adorable too. TFS!

  5. Paula - It's all so very pretty. Thanks for posting all those great pics of all your beloved collectibles. If the inside of your house looks this wonderful, I can only imagine what the outside looks like. Serene



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