Sunday, October 25, 2009

Christmas Christmas Time Is Here

I've been working on mini books for all my nieces and sister in laws. I'll also include a gift card to somewhere, I haven't quite decided yet. Also, I've bought some wonderful Christmas tea packaged just beautifully from my favorite boutique here in Redlands - Mozarts. They are just exquisite as far as making you feel like you are just in a wonderful place as you shop. The store smells delightful with potpourri and it is decorated just beautifully! It is a treat for your senses. Anywho, those teas will go with my sis in laws books and I probably will pick up some other little diddies for the nieces there as well.

Here are pics of the book's covers. The girls who will get these are my nieces Samantha and Nicolle, who are two of the most beautiful girls you ever laid eyes on and I absoultely adore!

In case you can't read it well it says, The Beautiful Fairy Cast Her Spell. I have a bunch of pics of the inside that I will slide show for ease of looking.

I hope you like them. With my new puter, I can no longer get audio up, don't know why, it was driving me bonkers but I need to let it go. So if you want to pick a song you like go to my playlist and choose. The one I wanted to put with it is called Savior by Lights. It's airy and fun.

Now I need to get cracking on the rest. I love doing this and I could look through them over and over and hope that all my nieces and sisters-in-law feel the same way about them too!

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Well get going so you can enjoy the month with family and friends instead of stressing about what needs to get done ; )!


  1. Oh Paula, the mini books are just adorable and they will treasure them I am sure. How could they not. You've done a great job and I can't wait to see the rest.
    Now I need to figure out the slide show biz!

  2. The mini books look great! One of my favorite lines of paper.

  3. I love that paper. They will love those. What a great aunt.

  4. Rally nice, Paula! I have the 8x8 stack of that paper and have yet to crack it open. Thanks for the inspiration!



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