Monday, November 9, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Anyone?

I want to share some of the pumpkins we have carved this Halloween and past ones as well. The kids take it very seriously, to the tune of $95 in pumpkins each year! What they create is amazing though, see for yourself -

MaryAnn's Thriller (MJ)

Johnny-Boy's Joker from Batman Asylum video game

Victoria did Damon from Vampire Diaries

Desirae did Bill (TB)

Sophia did Edward

My Granddaughter Gianna did The Corpse Bride

Granddaughter Aelyn did Snow White

And the man himself, Santino {read me ;)} did Frankie

Some previous years -

Hubby did Elvis

JB did Batman

One of the grand d's did Cinderella

MaryAnn's Gizmo, I love Giz!

JB's Leonidas from 300

Some really cool pumpkins, huh!

I have really been working on getting my mini-books done, they're coming along nicely. When I complete the east coast nieces I'll slide show em for the blog. The kids are off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, so I'm going to hit Ontario Mills a major shopping mall here and try to kick some Christmas gift butt! I want my stuff done by Thanksgiving weekend, and I usually do it so, I need to get going.


  1. Those pumpkins are works of art! Awesome stuff!
    Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving....sigh.....I could only dream! Have fun shopping with the kids!

  2. WOW! Those are so cool! I'm sad that we didn't have time to do pumpkins this year. Now I'm totally inspired.....Is there such thing as a Thanksgiving pumpkin? Good Luck on your Christmas shopping. I'll be starting mine on Wednesday, then back out on Friday too.

  3. Love the pumpkins Paula. You've got yourself a really talented crew there! Have fun shopping with the kids. If you finish early start mine for me, will ya?

  4. Ok Vampire gal, those are great pumpkins. Tell everyone what a great job!



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