Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm Back!!

And what a great time I had in Biloxi and Nola!! It took a little longer to post, our old computer finally breathed it's last and was crashing 3-4 x's a day. All set up with a new one. The weather held up nicely, which was wonderful. It was on the warm side when I arrived in Biloxi on Friday morning. After everyone else made it, we headed out to my Uncle's brother's house and had a southern fish fry with cheese grits, and squash casserole. What a great treat! Leonard and BaBa (baybay) truly embodied southern hopitality!

Saturday we spent the day jumping to different places. We went to the hard rock, then we went to do some shopping, and before you know it it was time to go to dinner at Emirels restaurant that was located in another casino. I won $600, yay for me.

Here are pics from Biloxi -

Self explanatory

My two Godmother's Aunt Toni on the left and Aunt MaryAnne on the right

It was Cruise the Coast weekend so a lot of sweet old cars to see

Sunday we went to Nola, what a dream. The French Quarter was fantastic. The architecture was just phenomenal. We went to Mass at St. Louis Cathedral. What a gorgeous church. Breakfast at Cafe DuMond for some cafe au lait and beingets. They where incredible. Like little clouds covered in a mountain of powdered sugar! For lunch we went to Mother's for some po'boys. I had catfish, some had oyster, or the Ferdie special. We had hurricanes at Pat O'Brians. Those were some LOADED drinks!!

Making the benny's

The beautiful quarter, love the architecture!

St. Louis Cathedral

My Uncle drove us down St. Charles Ave. where the most beautiful homes are located. I could live there in a heart beat. You know whats coming,


following this post of all the gorgeous houses.

Ya know Katrina was a real shame. Biloxi got hit so terribly, but you'd never know, yet in Nola, there were empty lots piled with wood debris and junk. Such a shame. Show's what happens when you have crooks running a state sticking their hands in the till.

In the casino while in Biloxi myself, Mom and Aunts went to get a bite late, in the restaraunt there. The waiter was a HOOT! My aunt said "I'm going to take you home with me." and he said, "Well I'd be of no use to you, darlin." We were hysterical. Then he came back and asked wasn't that your husband who just left. She said yes, and he says "Oh you just want to dress me up in a butlers uniform and have me mow your lawn and stuff." He was real funny, gave us all hugs and a good laugh.

I told my husband that the two of us need to go for a 4 dayer and just enjoy Nola, and maybe a bit of Louisianna. This was truly a wonderful gift he gave me. He treats me so very well, and I hope he feels I do the same for him. It's almost 29 yrs that we're together, and he is my everything. Imagine, I've been with this man since I'm 15 and he still is the love of my life.
Here is the show, remember to shut the playlist at the bottom of my blog if you want to hear the music here.


  1. wow, double wow, that trip sounds grand, so much fun, so much to eat, to see, and time to visit, glad your loving man treats you well, you deserve it.
    Off to the slide show

  2. oh I do love those old Southern plantations and homes, thanks for the video, I loved it.

  3. Thanks for sharing all the pics P. Makes me miss NOLA and I can't wait to go back. Looks as if you had a fab time... and who knows, maybe we can visit it together one day!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Glad you had such a wonderful time filled with all those memories. Happy Birthday Paula indeed!



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