Monday, April 13, 2009

Cruise Time!

Well Easter has come and gone. Time goes way to quick. I took a ton of photos as usual and find the kids very funny with all their poses. Dying eggs was easier this year since they are all getting so big. They went through 70 eggs quicker than you can blink your eye!

We have come back from our cruise and it was just wonderful! I think we just might do this with the kids. When you have as many as we do, all inclusive really lifts a large burden. Of course I took tons of pictures. Here's me and hubby.

I have fallen way behind in my personal scrapping, and trying to catch up with scrap swaps I have joined. Here are a couple of pics from a swap I joined. It was an altered Easter can swap. I loved doing this, and find that I like altering a whole bunch. The mini album was part of a can that I made for a wonderful gal named Carrie who comes up with just great swap ideas, and so I wanted her to have a can as well.

Well, I need to complete some swaps and a layout for a teachers album, so I will check in soon. Oh, and I am still messed up from the cruise! My equilibrium is way off and feel like I'm off center!

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