Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Aww, look how cute!

The week before Easter, I was getting decorations down from in the garage and I heard a little meow. Getting frightened, I ran inside screaming for my oldest son John, thinking our English Bulldog Bruno had chased and trapped a cat. My hubby and son come down, and of course the whole coxy army and are looking but don't find anything. My son says, Mom there isn't anything here. I told him I know what I heard. He looks in a box of winter coats that has not been opened since we moved to this house in 4/05, and says, OH MY GOSH! A mama cat and her 5 babies at about 2 wks old! They are now 5wks and so cute, they have started eating on their own, and clean themselves. We are trying to find homes for them, they are so sweet! We can't keep them. Hubby can't handle the fact that cats can jump on your table or counters and lick your food and you wouldn't even know it happened. Here are some pics -

They are just adorable, and giving them away is not easy. My youngest son has flipped his wig since my oldest daughter took 2 for herself and her friend, oh what a fiasco!

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  1. Oh! They are sooooo sweet! This is one time I'm going to say thank goodness we don't live close together as Kelsey would so be sneaking one of these babies home.



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