Monday, September 8, 2014

Creative Blog Hop

Hi friends :)  I come to you this week with the Creative Blog Hop that's been sweeping the blogosphere  as of late.  I was nominated by LaQuette Akins.  She's a fellow Swirly Girl over at Swirlydoos.  You can find her blog here - LSA Design Studios. Her style is so graceful and pretty :)  Give her a visit.

Part of this wonderful hop is answering some question about your creative process.  Scrapping is not the only venue either.  You can be a painter, a writer, a photographer.  Whatever medium you choose to  create with is fine for this endeavor.  Without further adieu, the questions -

1. What am I working on?   Right now I am working on a layout of a family friend's son.  He plays baseball and she has gotten some really great shots.  It's a complete surprise, they live on the east coast and have never seen my work but for pics on Facebook, so I can't wait to send it!

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?  This is tough because so many of us out in the scrappy world have such similar styles.  From shabby chic to grungy, clean with lots of white space to misted and paint-splattered to oblivion, it can be viewed as very similar.  I tend to lean towards the romantic formal style and I think my flair for the bling and flourishes coupled with my love of flowers and butterflies have tagged my style as begining to be recognized as "mine".

3. Why do I create what I do?  Oh my, I just LOVE getting lost at my desk making a layout or a tag.  If I'm altering an object I just love watching it take on it's new persona as I add another layer to it.  It gives me such great pleasure to create something and give it as a gift. 

4. How does your creating process work?  Sometimes I have a distinct project in mind and know exactly what I want to make.  Other times I will draw it out on paper first so I have some direction.  On occasion but not too often I fly by the seat of my pants.

Part of this lovely hop is nominating three friends to visit as well.  I only have two, and that's ok. They'll be anwering these questions too, but you can visit their blogs now.

My first friend is Lisa Adair.  Lisa has been my friend for several years now.  We met in the now defunct Memory Makers Magazine forum.  Do you longtime scrappy gals remember Memory Makers?  It was my fave mag for sure!  Here's a pic - 
We had some fun times there, laughing, gossiping, and swapping some wonderful things!  Lisa's style has evolved quite a bit in the years since then.  Her style is clean and bright with some gorgeous pops of color.   Here are a couple of my faves -

Clean and beautiful just like I said :)  Lisa isn't just a scrapper though, she has blossomed into this flipping fantastic photographer!!!!!  No joke this girl can snap :D  Her favorite subject right now is her precious granddaughter whom she calls Cupcake.  I love Lisa, she is witty, smart, with a wild streak in there and a great gal I'm proud to call  my friend :)  Give her blog a visit, Life in Flip Flops and check out her photography too, Lisa Adair Photgraphy.

My next friend is Val Thorpe.  Val is a new friend of mine.  We've known each other for about a year now and met through Once Upon A Sketch challenge blog.  Val is a wonderful lady!  Funny with a great sense of humor that has a bit of naughty to it ;)  Her scrap style is classic.  She combines misting and texture paste along with stamping and layers of paper to create beautiful pieces.  A couple of faves-

Beautiful as I said.  Take a minute to visit Val's blog, Val-Belle's Ramblings, you won't be disappointed.

So my friends I hope you enjoyed this hop.  Take the time to visit and get inspired!


  1. So cool to read about each others lives and creative processes... Such fun. I have been bad catching up with blogging. Will get mine done today or tomorrow latest. I have the kids today so don't get much done :D
    Thank you for nominating me. x



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