Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mixed Media, Lindy's Stamp Gang Challenge

HI everyone!  Back again to share my latest project and entry for Lindy's Stamp Gang's color challenge for August.  I went with a mixed media piece since I want to spread my crafting wings a bit and get into that medium a bit.  It's fun and liberating because you just kinda throw whatever you have onto your canvas or plaque or whatever backing you use.  The only thing you really need to make sure of is the "flow" of the piece, to make sure the vibe is right when you look at it.

Here's the color prompt -

Love the colors here!  Our sky has looked like this a couple of times this summer.  We always say "it's gonna be a hot one tomorrow" when the sky looks like this.

Here is the first pic of how the piece started, you'll see it didn't end up that way since I moved it around so much :)

So, as you can see, this is how I had it to start with. The word be was from glitter letters I have and it just didn't work.  So I played and moved, moved and played till this -

Sorry about the ghostly glow in the first two pics bottom left.  The glare from the window peeked out from under my background.  I like how this finished up after playing musical pieces with it.  Here are the colors I used -

Alpine Ice Rose
Mad Hatter Mint
Primrose Gold, which there's no link for yet

Pretty much everything came from my stash.  I'm a frugal little crafter, making my own  chipboard accents when my cricut will allow it, and digging into my stash trying to just use what I own.  The great thing about this medium is the re-purposing aspect.  A plaque that I was no longer using, and there are two more which I'll probably do something for Halloween with!  Taking your pile of paper scraps and just placing them all around.

You can also watch my video -

So I'm having fun with this, not quite there yet, but with each project growth will come :) Hope you liked it and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Beautiful project, love how you took us through the placement process!
    Good luck with the contest, and can't wait to see the Halloween projects!

  2. Thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my blog .. you are right, at least our memories last forever. So pleased to have found your blog, and adore your creation... Lindy's mists are beautiful... love the colours you picked, they work so well together. Hope you have a wonderful week...

  3. Thank you :) and congrats on OUAS top 5 :) your lo was beautiful!

  4. Another beauty - LOVE the colors and all the dimension!

    1. Thanks Maria. This is a fun medium to work with and repurposing goes well.



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