Friday, February 3, 2012

Anatomy of an Organizing

 Phew!! It took me a few days to complete, but my scrap stuff is organized....somewhat. It still is a fugly closet shared with the kids's games and some other odds and ends, but it serves its purpose.  This is what it looked like during -

I found this idea on Pinterest for paper storage. To be honest I don't know how long this sucker is gonna hold up. It's a hanging sweater organizer for your closet. Paper is so heavy and this one I bought was in the dollar section of Target and only cost $2.50 so odds are I'll need to replace it with a sturdier one, but right now I rigged it a bit with hangers and thick chipboard in hopes that it'll hold for a bit and it seems ok. Till I open the door that one day and my paper is all over the floor!!

I know I know it's really scary looking, don't yell at me.  At the bottom underneath the last square, I also put a small box to try to take some of the pressure off.  Ya know what I've come to understand?  I have WAY too much paper!!  No joke folks, besides what's in this hanging do-hickey, I have, are ya ready, 13 DCWV 12x12 stacks used to various degrees, 4 8x8 stacks never used, 7 4x6 stacks and 2 6x6 stacks.  HOLY CRAP!!  That is a lot of paper, I could make a ton of mini-albums not to mention lo's.  Maybe I shoulda made one of those paper dresses for my daughters wedding instead of buying one ;) I need to stop buying paper and focus on using what's in my stash *said with not much conviction*

I came to terms with letting go of stuff I have that hasn't been used in years or ever for that matter.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I think scrappers lean towards the hoarding type, and that show makes me wanna vomit so I looked at my belongings and said "Self, you never even opened this thing, or used that in at least two years, so kiss it goodbye."  My son's school is doing a yard sale fundraiser so I put it in a bag for them, along with guitar hero and rock band that the kids haven't touched in at least two years as well.  I cleaned out the playroom too.  I was feeling randy ;)

I actually found a place for all the things I bought at the Prima parking lot sale this past August.  Yeah you heard right, August.  All those things were still in the damn bag I brought them home in! So with some rearranging and purging I put all my goodies away, there are no boxes or bags on the floor and I'm happy :)

I moved my old paper holder to this side shelf and keep my 8x11 paper and 12x12 diecut sheets as well as some large sticker sheets in it-

I love my little plastic containers that basil comes in that I buy from Trader Joe's.  Hush hush, this Italian doesn't grow her own basil, but I want to.  Anyway, they are perfect for bling, small stickers. and rub-ons.  They are all filled to the gills!

Ya see that white rubbermaid draw on the right, that's filled with my Big-Shot dies and my Martha Stewart punches.  HSN had a special on her punches, Christmas, Halloween, Springish, and all occasion. You got 4 punches in each set for $39, the punch around the page, corner, boarder and one that you can place right in the center, and they would be auto-shipped.  The deal was just to good to pass up since these punches are heavy duty, great punches.  Not little either. Most know punches of a decent size average 12 bucks. The one on the left, well Mr.Potato Head lives in there :p

Put all my ribbon on my tension rod and in my gutter.  Heehee that sounds funny, got rid of the little box with dowels that was holding some ribbon, well I didn't get rid of it, now all my colored tulle and furry boa pieces are in that.

All in all it works, my stuff is up off the floor, I can see what I have, get easy access to it and can scrap with ease.  One day when it's just me and my hubby, I'll have my own scrap room :) A girl can dream right?


  1. ahhhh, organizing.... a never ever ending job in my space. Seems I get it all organized just to drag it all back out and make a mess of it all. You would stroke out if you saw how much paper I have... that just sits... it is shameful!
    Love your ideas to store your stash!

  2. You're preaching to the choir woman!!! All that damn paper, but I can't stop! Especially with a line like G45, for crying out loud, that new Little Darlings is to die for!!!!

  3. Good job on the purge/reorganize! I'm likely due again.
    Love your new paper organizer and all your repurposed bits!



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