Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's The Final Countdown!!

Yessiree, it's finally here in four more days. We're just doing some final prepping, getting organized, but we are ready for a wedding!!

I can't wait to see the girls in their gowns, Santino in his tux, he is so stoked to be the ring bearer, boy he keeps telling everyone!  My brothers and their families get in on Thursday evening my husband's former partner from NYPD is coming in on Friday, it was unexpected but made my hubby's day and we're excited.  Desirae has been pretty calm, as has my son-in-law to be.  Drama has been to a minimum and that's a good thing!

Here's a peak at my gown  -

I'll definitely post picks after I know there will be a ton.  On Monday we'll be going to Disneyland with all the family I know we'll have a great time.


  1. You will look fantastic, enjoy the day.

    Congratulations to your daughter and soon to be son in law.

    Enjoy your family and friends, look forward to pictures.

    Disney, fun fun.

  2. Wow, a wedding and then Disney...the excitement never ends with you!
    Congrats and best wishes to the happy couple for a beautiful wedding day and even more beautiful life spent together!

  3. Very pretty dress, Paula! Can't believe the day's finally here! :)

  4. what a beautiful gown, you'll look beautiful for sure!



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