Friday, June 3, 2011

My Baseball Mini-Album

For my son Santino's coach I have made a baseball mini album.  Sonny had such a great year I wanted to make a memory book for his coach to remember his team by.  I think it came so nice!

I used my cricut like crazy for this.  The Sports Mania cart, Plantin Schoolbook and Cricut Sampler.  I cut chipboard in the shape of a ball field, and used various papers, some baseball some not for the pages.  I had baseball stickers and used pop-ups for dimension in the book.  I think the parents thought I was crazy with all the pics I took at the games, but I had so many great pics to choose from.  Here you go -


  1. This album is amazing, Paula! Love all the stuff you did with the cricut.
    Santino's coach will treasure it, I'm sure!
    I often forget there are people out there who don't scrapbook, and therefore don't take a lot of pictures. I think I'm the only one who regularily snaps shots at either kids' ball games. Such a shame!

  2. Great album, Paula. From the very shape of it to the paper and embellie choices. I love that you included so many pics. Really nice stuff!

  3. You rock, Paula! The coach will delight in this mini for years to come - it's an awesome way to say "thank you!"

  4. Your mini is awesome, Paula! I'm sure Santino's coach loved it!



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