Sunday, February 7, 2010

Daily #'s Circle Journal Sign In Page

Okay, I did my sign in page. It's just a plain page, wanted it to resemble a book page. The little book I made with my cricut cursive 101 cart. I think it came nice. There I am reading one of my most favorite series, the Sookie Stackhouse books! Everyone can make their book however they like, it doesn't matte to me. All books are different, big, small, hardcover, soft, so whatever you do works in my book, ha, pun intended!

See, simple, not too gaudy or glitzy, so not me ;) but it's what I was going for. Now I get to start on Kathi's. Things we just can't travel without. Hhhhhmmmm, I know several....


  1. Sweet! Love the pic of you peeking over your book.

  2. I love your little book. Very cute and clever.

  3. That is just too cute... and what an adorable pic! Hmmmm...may have to steal that too!
    I can't get over that book! It's so cute. Just another cart to add to my list.

  4. Cute! It does resemble a book page, and I love your picture too.

  5. Your little book is so cute, Paula! What a great spin for your sign in page! Love it!



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