Sunday, September 20, 2009

A New Series

I have started a new series of books, called the Night Huntress. She is part human part vamp, her mom was raped by a brand new vampire and she is the product. Her name is Cat and she is a great character. The lead male is Bones and boy is he just fantastic! He is 200 something and British. While alive he was a male whore. What a character he is. The banter between her mother Justina and Bones is just hysterical! Needless to say the mom hates vamps and Cat had a bit of a rough time growing up, which would be understandable under normal conception circumstances. There are 4 in the series so far and I have read the 1st 2. I like the fact that Bones loves Cat and there is no boloney about it. He makes it very clear to her, and all those around her. Of course there's the usual trials and tribulations, but none of that stupid miscommunication mumbo jumbo that one ? would clear up. They are together in the 1st book, are seperated temporarily and back together in #2. Now I have to get 3 and 4 to see what trouble lies ahead for them. They work as a team in tracking and killing rogue vamps. Kinda like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with her guy by her side.

Here are the covers, and a youtube video of the recent book. Check them out you just might enjoy these!

Paranormal romance is quite addicting. It's like a drug, and boy I can't stop taking it right now. They are just great characters, the plots are fantastic, I guess the authors can really stretch with it since it's based in the paranormal realm and anything goes. Of course Twilight and True Blood are probably really feeding the need out there ten fold, but these books have some teeth to them as well.

And of course, it is Sunday, but alas, *sigh*, no True Blood. Not till June. Oh well. Looking forward to that. Alan Ball has said he is pulling from some of the later books and not just sticking with #3 so we are going to meet some really great characters sooner than thought! That'll be exciting. Debbie Pelt a meanie of a character is coming and I just hope he doesn't go into overload like he did with MaryAnn the Maened storyline! I don't even want to watch the reruns I hated the line so very much. The best part of the season took place in Dallas and involved Godric, Eric's maker. Those 3 episodes is how Mr. Ball should have ended the season. Well I'm just a fan. We shall see in June what he has in store for us. Hopefully lots of Eric ;)!

I leave you with an Eric vs Bill video from talented smvgrey -


  1. HOLY CRUD that was awesome! They are very talented with editing!

  2. Ok P, this is my second attempt at posting. Those books sound like your Kindle is needing a lot of batteries. Lots of great story lines coming off those characters, can see where that can be addicting. Love the videos, moving you up in the blog tech world, great job.

  3. I'm totally going to check these out! Just finished the Twilight series and I while I wait for The Host to become available at the library I might just pick these up. You can never get enough vampire love..... :)



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