Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Layout Is Born

Today I am going to blog about how a layout comes about for me. I wonder if it's similar for all of us scrappers? If it is, please let me know in your comments. I'd love to hear how other scrap fanciers come about their creative epiphanies. Ha, there ya go, your $10.00 word for the day ;).

I took pictures of my children on their first day of school, as always, as we all have done and do through the years. I decided to start with Sophia. Her photos came great and she looks just beautiful! I edited it a bit by placing translucent text onto the photo with my Adobe Photoshop program. You can control the opaqueness in percentages till you reach the desired affect. If you can, this program is a wonderful one to have in your scrapping arsenal.

While looking through my papers to choose, the typical back to school patterns just weren't doing it for me. I went for pink black and grey. With Sophia's outfit, it just works. Sophia looks like she belongs in a back to school ad!

I also went into bling overload!!! I used more flowers, brads, and stickles than in any other layout I've done, and I love it. This layout just called for blingtastic! I put the layout into a slide show for you to see all my steps start to finish. I picked the song Love Bug from Sophia's favorite band, The Jonas Brothers, and as she watched the slide show, she was smiling from ear to ear!

Before playing scroll to the bottom and stop the playlist from playing so you can hear the music in the slide show. Without further ado, The Birth of A Lay Out -

I am very happy with the end results! Sophia looks just gorgeous.


  1. ....
    The layout is good.
    The picture you edited is great, you are expert in photo shop,aren't you?
    Sophia is looking awesome.Convey my regards.
    Youhave a great blog.Keep it up
    (please visit and comment)

  2. Yes,the layout is great and my granddaughter is beautiful!!! You truly an artist, but of course, I am partial.

  3. So stinkin' cute! Paula you are a talent!!




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