Sunday, August 9, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig!

Well, we arrived home on Tuesday the 4th after a wonderful stay in Brooklyn! The kids had a blast and so did I. Time sure does fly, really quick when you're having fun. All the cousins played great together, and it was nice to see them all having fun. Reconnecting with family does wonders for the soul.

One of the best things to see unfold while we were there, was my 5 yr old son Santino's relationship with my cousin Peter. When Peter was little my husband John was his best buddy "Joe", he would sleep at our house, and come places with us, they were close. Well, Santino became attached to Peter and it was like watching something come full circle. Sonny asked Peter one night, while they were playing Wii, if he wanted to sleep over. "How about laying down with me for a few minutes", he asked enthusiastically. We were all cracking up! My hubby was so happy, he said he knew that was going to happen.

Sadly, my summer is coming to an end. The kids go back to school on Wednesday. We have a modified traditional school year here in my school district in So Cali. They go back in mid August, have a full week off for Thanksgiving, 3 wks at Christmas, then 2 wks for spring break, ending somewhere between the 13th and 16th of June. It really works well, I don't think kids need to be home for 3 whole mos. By that time they are killing each other! My only gripe is getting up early. I hate it, I loooooove to sleep late, well if one considers 8:30-9 late, though I know I could sleep the day away given the chance!

I have begun a new book series by author Karen Marie Moning, it is the Fever series, Darkfever, Bloodfever, and Faefever. The 4th installment, Dreamfever comes out on the 18th and I can't wait. It has to do with dark and light fae's or fairies, though fairy isn't quite a good description since they are NOTHING like Tinkerbell. I have also read some of her Highlander series and it's pretty good too. Light and easy reading, different from the fever books. Take a gander at my bookshelf at the bottom of my blog to see what I've read and what I am reading, and please, if you know an author or a book you really like, leave a comment so that I can check it out! Have I mentioned how much I love my Kindle, better yet, how much I love my handsome hubby who always bends over backwards to give me what I want. I am a lucky girl : )!

My other obsession, True Blood on HBO!!! It is getting goooood! They are really going off the beaten path as far as following the books by Charlaine Harris, but I am enjoying it big time. I can't wait for Sunday nights. My only beef is the MaryAnn storyline. By now in the book she was history, and I wish Alan Ball would have done the same in the tv version. I don't like his slant on it at all, nor do I like Tara or Eggs. Wish they didn't even exsist at this point now. At first I felt ok, so he changed up the Tara character in the book to fit his show, but now it's just getting on my nerves. Laudy Miss Maudy I do like Eric, only because I read the books, when I first started watching I was all for Bill, but now, Bill just ticks me. Read the books and see how you feel. There are a bunch in each vamp's camp. Some just can't resist Bill, regardless of the circumstances, I guess I just lean towards the dangerous ; ).

I have a slew of layouts swimming in my head, I took over 300 pics while in NY and I can't wait to get started. One of the first I'm going to do is of Peter and Sonny, I took a great pic of them and have an idea just dying to get out.
Here's a pic of my kids at the Museum of Natural History in the city. I don't know who that other kid in the sweatshirt is, I'll have to photoshop him out.


  1. I loved every minute you all were here in Brooklyn, the house was alive with laughter,noise and happy times. I miss you and look forward to maybe doing this again, it was wonderful having a house full of people, brought back memories. Luv you all.

  2. Momma I had to share this with you. Jenna found it and I was just hysterical! [img][/img]



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