Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Full Week!

Well we've gotten one full week of school down and are onto our 2nd. The kids are liking it. MaryAnn is enjoying going to Junior High, here in Cali it's called middle school. Sophia is in a combo 3rd-4th grade class, which is fine. She tends to move at a much slower pace than Mare so I am happy that she is where she's at. Of course there is Santino in kindergarten! He is doing just fine. I help on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month and will be going on their 1st field trip to the pumpkin farm on 10/30. I can't wait, great pics always come out of it!

True Blood is heating up big time, getting ready for the finale, nooooooo! I have to wait till stinking June for the next season. What's up with that? Why not March? Gosh not fair, and book 10 of the Sookie series doesn't come till May of 10. Oh patience, I must learn ye. Well, I'll be reading up a storm in the meantime. There are some really good ones out there, of course they're series, cause why have all the answers in one book when I can read 10 of em and then wait with baited breath for 8 mos till the author pops out another that MIGHT answer some ?'s.

Here are the kids on their first day, I will also be doing some vacation lay outs and will put them up when I'm done. They are getting so big, time flies too quick. Some have asked, "what are you going to do now that Sonny is in school." I'm going to have some me time!! I deserve it! Hmmm do you all think John will let me take a pic of him on his first day of College next month? Heehee!
Beautiful Miss MaryAnn-

Simply stunning Sophia

And the man himself - Santino


  1. Oh Paula, do you and John ever make beautiful children! They all look so happy on their first day of school too!
    Enjoy some me time, you've certainly earned it.
    Also, love your porch!

  2. Amazing pictures Paula. Your girls are simply beautiful and Santino is going to be a heart breaker he is so handsome! Can't wait to see the layouts and I'm thinking I could enjoy mornings and coffee on that porch! And yes, you do deserve some ME time!



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