Friday, July 3, 2009

Creating In The Blind

These pieces I have done where not connected to me in anyway, hence the title of this entry. The people in the photo's are stangers to me. The man has passed away, and the gal is a fellow scrapper/swapper from Memeory Makers Magazine online community. I only "know" her from there.

The swap was thought up and organized by Lora. We all had to send our own pictures to the person who Lora put us with and that person will create a layout for each of us to keep. I like the way mine turned out and I hope that Ceci does as well. It was a very tough subject dealing with the pink inverted triangle patch that homosexuals during the Holocaust were forced to wear. Her brother-in-law had the pink bead incorporated into the braid tattoo that went across his forehead. Ceci, in memorial to him had the braid tattooed down her back.

The title in the first layout means "In Death Reborn". I thought it was fitting.

Here are the layouts of Ceci getting her tattoo. I hid a journaling block behind the picture on the left layout, bottom pic. When you pull the ribbon, the block will come out. The title is "Inked Memory".

This was a fulfilling challenge for me. At first I was a little cautious with the heavy subject, not knowing if I could do it justice, but then said, just go for it and stretch your creative wings. I'm glad I did. Finding and expressing my way through this medium is quite a discovery for me on my journey through life. Whoever says you stop growing when you reach a certain age is a fool.

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  1. WOW. That is another great swap. Yes, you keep growing. Great job, tfs



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