Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lets Lighten Up!

Well, my friend Carrie has inspired me to blog about a passionate obsession of mine....SHOES!! I just adore shoes, the higher the heel the better. Don't get me wrong, I love flats as well, and have several pairs of sneakers, or tennies, or whatever your neck of the woods calls them, but, something about a nice high heel makes my heart go a pitter patter!

It doesn't seem to bother me that I have more shoes than clothes when one puts the two in context of each other. Quite frankly, I like shoes better than clothes. I think they're sexy, and the high heel makes your legs look awesome. I buy all colors and styles, sometimes not even considering if I have something to go with them, who cares.

Here is a parade of just some of my shoes, I didn't feel like digging into the closet for all of them. Just sing the tune "Food Glorious Food" from Oliver, and substitute shoes in there, like this -

Shoes glorious shoes, brown, red and black ones. Shoes glorious shoes, mules, and sling backs are hot ones! Manolo's and Jimmy Choo's, so many yipee! Just shoes glorious shoes marvelous shoes wonderful shoes!!!!

You can never have enough shoes. One always feels better after buying a great pair of em!


  1. Love 'em all, Paula! Shoes are so much better than clothes...they always fit! I stole that from a movie who's name escapes me right now.....
    But I'll leave the heels for you, can't wear them anymore.

  2. Love your shoes they are so pretty. I don't care for shoes I like Bags, Purses myself

  3. Well, well you passion for shoes hasn't changed. I also have the same desire. No matter what color, or if it they are flats, boots, sling backs. They are all very pretty...



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