Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bo Bunny Pieces

I did a few pieces for Bo Bunny's design team call and am really happy with how they came.  Bo Bunny has been a favorite of mine for many years now.  I have been waiting for this baby to open up and am over the moon that it finally did!  This is one of the paper lines that I hoard and have some that go back a few years.  I didn't see it written anywhere that we couldn't share our creations so I am going to here.

They asked for two layouts, two cards and one project of choice.  This was fun, but the trying part was the darn emailing!  When I'd click on the email link in their post Outlook Express would open which I don't use, so I right clicked on the email and copied and pasted.  Well, this is going to be hard to believe, but it put a misspelled addie in there, NO LIE!!  The next morning my hubby said it came back because you addressed it wrong.  I said that's not possible.  Well he resent it for me and I chalked it up to being up till one in the morning finishing the projects, taking the pics, uploading and sending.  Don't you know I check my sent folder yesterday and realize that a couple of my project pics are missing!  One whole card and a full pic of the my other card.  I do the very same thing, right click copied and paste and go downstairs.  Hubby says, your email came back, you spelled it wrong AGAIN!  I said no I didn't I am not crazy I copied and pasted!  Someone is putting the kibosh on me ;) but I won't let them win!

Anyway, here are pics of what I created.  The subjects are my son and granddaughters in the lo's, I made the chipboard fence with my cricut and cut out velum leaves with my punch and tattered floral die.  Bo Bunny makes it very easy to create!


  1. Awesome projects!
    Love how the velum leaves recreate the jack o lantern glow in the first layout.
    There's a dream-like quality to the Wizard of Oz layout with all of the swirls and butterflies.....very fitting.
    The cards are so pretty and that tag.....oh, the tag is just stunning! Love, love, love the layering and dimension!

    1. Thanks Court! I'm keeping my fingers crossed now :)

  2. ohhh, they are all so very pretty Paula. I really like the dreaminess of the WISH layout. Your layering is wonderful. Your cards are so wonderful! The tag, oh my, you have outdone yourself my friend, I am so in love with the tag! I've got my fingers crossed for you and applaud you for submitting!

    1. Thanks Lisa :) I am hoping :) Waiting stinks!



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