Monday, April 16, 2012

Mothers Day Contest

I wasn't going to post this but my hubby asked if I had put it on my blog and I said no.  I kinda felt like it was self promotion, but he thought I should so I will.

My oldest daughter Victoria entered me in a Mothers Day contest here in town.  You have to go to facebook and like their page and then vote each day for the moms that are on there (you can unlike them once it's done).  She wrote such a wonderful letter about me and I really am flattered.  Here's the letter -

I can't think of anyone better for this than Paula Calvanico. She is the dedicated mother of 6 and grandmother of 2. She does so much for all of us from being a chauffeur, chef, maid, personal assistant, coach, cheerleader, teacher, counselor, sheriff, and a probation officer all rolled into a ball most importantly covered with friendship. When we moved from New York to California is 1988 we started from scratch. Since then we've all gone through trials and tribulations but one thing for sure was that our mother was always there for us. She has done everything from dropping off and picking up my daughters at school (along with all the rest of us when we couldn't or wouldn't drive) babysitting, fostering a deep, genuine love and appreciation for reading in all her children, caring for the stray kittens that had nested in our garage and seeing them off to loving homes, making beautiful scrapbooks as gifts for so many, to recently helping the young man who had wrecked his scooter down the block all while being a devoted wife. She may not be a "humanitarian" or the member of some special community serving group or society, but in every essence of the word she is without a doubt, a Mother! My father does his best to spoil her, but it might be nice to take that so called "burden" off his shoulders for once. She deserves so much more but it would be lovely to start with this fantastic prize! Thank you for this contest and the ability to try to win this for my lovely mom! sincerely, Victoria Calvanico Here is mom's BLOG (it's one of the only things mom truly does for herself and her own enjoyment, but you might be able to get to know her better through that :D

And here's the link -

All About Redlands

this is the pic she used of Santino and me from St. Paddy's day last year-


  1. That is so sweet. What an honor to be nominated so graciously by your daughter. Hope you win!

  2. I've got tears in my eyes! What a beautiful letter for a beautiful woman inside and out. Whether you win this contest or not.. know in your heart that you are more than just 'Mother of the Year' to your family.. you are everything to them and that is worth celebrating every day of the year. Good luck! xo

  3. Thank you Kathi :)

    Christine, I agree, my winning doesn't even matter to me. That letter was so wonderful it makes me so happy to know how my children feel about me :) Thank you so much!

  4. :) And we still will feel the same even if you don't win!



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