Thursday, January 12, 2012

O M G !!!

Yesterday I went to Michaels,  Joann's, then my lss (local scrap book store) and spent bubkus, nada, NOTHING!!  I was in shock as I drove home at the fact that I had not a single bag from any of them.  I just wasn't feeling it as I kinda browsed through them.  Nothing caught my eye that I just hadda have.  I guess that's a good thing cause I have got to get into my scrap closet, that thing is filled with stuff that I know I'll be surprised to find.

 Shows are coming back from their holiday hiatus, Vampire Diaries, House, then some are gearing up for their knew season like Justified I love this show!  Timothy Olyphant just rocks. . Biggest Loser is up and running  again, Anna Kournikova didn't come back, but Dolvet did.  I like him better than Jillian. Idol is next week and The Voice is right after Super Bowl.  Enjoyed that show too.

Really love Pinterest!  They have some awesome ideas for organizing which I borrowed.  Get a tension rod put it under your kitchen sink cabinet and hang all your spray bottles to free up space, look -

We also got a new grandpuppy!!  His name is Gizmo and he is an adorable French Bulldog -

ZuZu is not good with him, Bruno is wonderful.  He is like a little pot bellied pig, he snorts and runs so cute!! 

Have a great week people!

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  1. I can totally relate with your shopping experience. I struggled to think up scrappy items for my Christmas wish list and my latest purchases have mostly consisted of replenished supplies and project-specific paper. I'm feeling quite "blah" about most of what's out there. Not sure if that's because my stash is too big or the industry is in a lull....hmmm....
    Love your new little grand-poochie!



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