Monday, July 25, 2011

We're Getting Closer!!

Before you know it November 5th will be here and our daughter will be walking down the aisle!  All of us are starting to get VERY excited.  I have found two gowns that I am leaning towards, but I can be so fickle so we'll see.  And I should say that both daughters actually found them for me.  Here are pics -

Here are a couple of teasers of my dd's gown.  We went for her very first fitting last week and it was just breathtaking!!

That's her maid of honor, my niece Samantha.  That's all I'm going to show, I don't want to give away too much the next pics will be on her wedding day.  It needs it's steaming and altering, but the gown is just amazing.  The seamstress was putting in all the pins for the French bustle so we can pin it up at the reception, and the corset is just gorgeous, getting her ready is going to be something! 


  1. Wow, this must be getting so exciting for you!
    Those gown choices for you are stunning! I'm especially partial to the first one. Oh my, I can see it now, you are going to have some fabulous family portraits from this wedding....I can't wait to see them!
    I am so excited for you, Paula! Congrats again!

  2. Gorgeous dresses, Paula. I prefer the first one; very elegant. What a proud momma you must be! Looking forward to seeing your scrapped pictures from the wedding too!

  3. I love the first gown as well. Very elegant and not matronly like most mother-of-the-bride gowns. You'd look stunning in that. Speaking of stunning, I'm sure dd will be so on her special day. I love the lace up back, too. What fun that's going to be dressing her. Congratulations!



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