Monday, March 28, 2011

To Do

"A goal properly set is halfway reached." - Abraham Lincoln 

Yup ta do lists, we all got em, and they vary into so many different categories too!  I have a bunch of organizing to do, laundry to do, clothes to sort and get rid off, school stuff to do, wedding prep to get the idea.  I'm talking about a scrap to do though, and I think I'd rather call them goals, it sounds soooo much better!  Some things I'd like to accomplish scrap wise in the next few months.  I say months since I get side tracked with other projects and life itself.  Here they are -

The Year In Holidays (mini-album) not sure what shape yet but would love just the holidays
One Weekend Two Shots (mini-album) when this project wraps up in I believe June I can't wait to put it togehter
My Dad (mini-album) this is something I've been wanting to do, I need to go through all my traditional pics so I have a great selection.
Make more cards so I have them on hand instead of scrambling at the last minute
Get busy creating layouts with all the pics I take!! I think we're all guilty of leaving the pics on the memory stick *hey that rhymes ;)* so I want to make a conscientious effort to start printing and scrapping them.

This is a small list, but I know I'll think of other things I want to do and will add to it, I always do.  How about you any scrap goals?


  1. Great goals, hope you get them all accomplished!

  2. Maybe I should call my to-do list, Goals! Then maybe I'd actually get something, done. LOL! Mine are so lofty, that I have to keep a list of all my lists. :) Stay focused, Girl! And I feel you on the card thing; I've been meaning to do that for a long time!

  3. That's quite and ambitious goal list. Good luck with all that. I have plenty on my scrap to-do list too.



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