Friday, February 18, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

 Yes,  yes, it's true, and we all have em.  What are mine, well I gotta come clean, at first I thought this bunch were just plain morons, and while some of em still are that way in my book, I love the Jersey Shore!!  Not the girls, if it was my daughter there would be some big beatings going on.  These girls are banging guys they met not an hour before leaving a club and I think it's just degrading to them.  I'm not saying having a mimbo for a son is ok, but having a whore for a daughter has got to be really sh*tty. I do not think what is good for the goose is good for the gander in this case. I think we all know the guys always have since the dawn of time and always will try to find the milk for free.  Most don't expect much from the boys, they aren't taking any of the girls they're with home to Mama anyway, and the ones they really do like they treat differently, but those dumb girls are looking for guys to be their boyfriends and the guys they find are thinking just like Mike, Vinny, and Paulie, not home to Mama, just the sack and out babe.  These are my opinions, I'm not writing for a debate to take place just speaking my mind.

Also, as silly as the Situation can be, that guy has a decent heart and knows when trouble is coming and when to step in, alla what happened with Ronnie and Sammy.  I thought Ronnie was gonna slap her and Mike got the other guys to come up and try to help quell the situation, no pun intended ;) 

My other g.p.?  The Vampire Diaries, yea that True Blood light has really gotten good!  And it's doing a great job of helping quench my T.B. thirst till it comes back in June.  Take its place?  Nah no way, but it's got some decent drama and the cast is very easy on the eyes ;)  Of course I love the bad boy Damen Salvatore.  Like him better than Stephan but all in all they are a great cast.

Speaking of True Blood, it's back on Sunday June 12th and this season is book 4 where our Norse hottie develops amnesia, I sure hope that Mr. Ball plays it fair and square with Eric, cuz it's a reeeeeal good one!!

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  1. 'nuff said, I second the motion, and Burgers for the boys, it's t shirt time...oh, those boys need my grandmothers wooden spoon whacked on their muscles a few times! Elaine



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