Friday, November 19, 2010

Tinkering With Tim

Ok I gotta say, my scrap sistuh Lisa of Life In Flip Flops is right, hence the fact that she is a Diva ; ) she loves him, not as much as Johnny, but if she met him in person I think she'd plant a big wet juicy one right on his lips!   Tim Holtz is the mac-daddy rock-star of the scrap world!!!  I have had his book, Compendium of Curiosities for months now with only a very casual glance through at best and yesterday while eating breakfast I sat with it and really went through it.  WELL!! I loved it so much I had to get creating right away. I have several of his tools, grungeboard, grungepaper, distress inks, blending tool, distress stickles.  Sadly a couple of things I was using incorrectly.  The stickles are different than the traditional stickles.  Traditional ones have a fine point for precise placement, distress would come out in a big glob, guess what?  That's how it's supposed to go, then you use your finger to spread since Timmy says the thinner the shinier! The other was the blending tool, first off I was way to cheap with the loading of the ink, then I would place it on my paper and wonder why I'd have a rectangular ink shape on my page.  It would get somewhat lighter with blending but never go away completely.  The correct way is to start on your craft sheet then blend in a circular motion onto the project.  I'm sure Miss Lisa knew this already, I am SO late to the party!!

Of course I really need to buy a couple of other tools.  One is his craft sheet.  I used wax paper while I played, but there is no comparison.  You can wash the sheet, heat on it, blah blah blah.  I've seen it at my lss numerous times but have been too cheap, well no more next  time I'm getting it.  The other is embossing stuff.  I don't know why I've been so resistant to it, but it makes such nice projects soooo....

Here are some pics of some of the goodies -


Now, here are the pics of the tags I made.  This is my first time doing anything Tim, so bare with me, they aren't the greatest, but I had a blast and am very happy and can't wait to do more!!

 These are the four.  My fave is the tree Halloween one

 This was achieved with smearing the wax paper with the ink-pad then spraying it with the water and pressing the tag down.  I stamped the spider webs and tada!
 This one was made with the blending tool, a combo of purple and orange then stamped.
 Same technique here, smear ink pad, mist with water then press tag in.  I also did some blending too.  You can't see poor Santa's face too good, but I'll do better next time :)

I used the stickles here, but I didn't let the ink dry enough so it smudged a bit.  Next time...                                            
You can see the shine of em at this angle

I hope you enjoyed seeing my playing and experimenting!  Have a great weekend ;)


  1. Your tags are beautiful, Paula. I agree - the right tools make all the difference!

    Do you have a Joann near you? That's where I got my craft sheet. Be mindful of the size, though.. I have seen a smaller one. I think mine is 15" x 18".

  2. Your tags are fabulous! You are doing soooo good...keep playin girlfriend!

    Isn't his book great. I've got the craft sheet and it does come in really handy when painting or inking, or about a dozen other things. I don't regret getting it. His 12 days are starting...don't forget!



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