Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I love swaps. Thats when you join a group of scrappers and everyone swaps their work. A hostess collects each person's piece of art and then mails one of each treasure to the participants! Needless to say this is addictive and can quickly become an obsession. Here are a few pics of the work I've done in some swaps -

This is a card I've made, for my card of the month swap hosted by Elaine, it's actually the only picture I've taken and kept of my cards. I gotta be more diligent about that!

To be in a swap is a great way for you to expand your talent. Seeing everyone elses pieces of art gives you such a rich palate to choose from when it comes to technique. I love getting a swap back and diving into it with gusto!

Now I must give very big props to my scrap sistah's - Carrie, Courtney, Elaine, Joy and Lisa. These ladies are ultimate swappers! Their talent is just incredible. Carrie and Lisa, and I don't think any of my other sistah's would argue, are the swappy divas! They have come up with the most wonderful swaps to join. I love these gals! I give hugs and much thanks to them for inspiration encouragement and love! Big smooches to you all!!


  1. Oh how funny... I'm a Swappy Diva! I love it!
    Your talent is pretty incredible too Missy and I believe I've learned a thing or two from you! I think we all need to be more diligent about taking pics of our work. Great job there P. Love the pages and the card is adorable. But the tags are my favorite! Awesome work!
    Blogs looking good! Love ya!

  2. I love these layouts and that DA baseball card and the (is that) Mary Engelbriet? within the card...great work P, I enjoy swapping with you and the other sistahs.

  3. Hey, I recognize some of those lo's! Beautiful stuff Paula!
    I really love flipping through the circle journals when they arrive and try to figure out which ones were done by my scrappin sistahs....such a talented bunch for sure!
    Love ya P!

  4. Your pages are great. I really liked the Baseball Tags

  5. How nice of you to say I am a swappy Diva. Your layouts are wonderful! I was sitting here trying to think of all the ones I think they belong to and I think I got them. You did a great job, love the layout with the daisies on them, the tags are great and the card is wonderful too!



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