Friday, September 25, 2009

Aw Meatballs Mary!

Yes, I know, Jackie really said Aw applesauce to Mary of the Little Rascals, but since this is going to be about my meatballs, I figured, what the heck ;)! Finally a post about my cooking. It took long enough, but I thought I'd post about my fried little handfuls of goodness. It is a favorite of my family's.

As far as recipe's go, I'm Italian and a lot of my cooking is done by eyeball and taste. I can give round about amounts, but that's as close as it gets. Now, when I bake, that's a whole different animal. There, precise is an absolute necessity to get the correct results. While I do bake, I have to say, I prefer cooking much more. Though my Bete Noir is to DIE for!!! True Mom? That's diabetes on a dish if ever.

Now on to meatballs, with pics to follow -

2 1/2 lbs chop meat
4 sweet italian sausages
4 cloves garlic minced
4-5 fresh large, 10-12 small basil leaves chopped*
handful fresh parsly leaves chopped*
2 eggs
2/3 cup of bread crumb
two big handfuls of parmesan cheese*
salt and pepper to taste
vegetable or canola oil for frying
* can be dried herbs if that is all you have
PLEASE, for the cheese, not that crap in a can. Make the effort to find a place that sells parmesan or peccorino romano. Trader Joes, most grocers or the salumeria, just do it!

Get your fry pan onto the stove with a medium high flame on it. Poor about 1/4 - 1/3 up of veggie or canola oil into it so it heats. Put chop meat in a bowl, remove sausage from the casing and add to chop meat. Put in the garlic and remaining ingredients. Mix this up real well, while trying not to over handle it. I know this sounds like an oxymoron, but it is possible to incorporate all while not mixing too much, which can toughen up the meat. Yes, it's possible to have little stones vs. moist luscious meatballs. I usually dig my hands in and squeeze then turn the meat over to grab what's sunk to the bottom. If your not opposed to it, have a teensy taste for seasoning. Once thats done, you start forming your meatballs. I make them about the size of large golf balls. If I'm going to use them for meatball parmagian hero's I make em the size of large lemons.

Test the oil by putting in a tiny crumb of meat, or the end of a wooden spoon. If it's bubbling, you're ready to go, the temp is crucial so that it fries up nice and quick without absorbing all the oil. Start placing them in, and watch that the oil doesn't cool to much. If they aren't getting nice and dark relatively quick, raise up the heat. When one side is gorgeous brown, flip it and let em go. When they're done place them in a bowl lined with paper towels to absorb the grease, give em a little salting and continue till all meatballs are done.

Again, everything I do is eyeball and feel. Weights here were guesses, I get about 20-25 meatballs.


  1. Geez....your making me hungry. A friend and I were actually discussing meatball recipes the other day. I'll have to try this out really soon. Looks so good!

  2. Well I'll be, another Italian that cooks like me. Man, I can just smell those babies...great recipe, and you must always taste a few before, household rule. Thanks for sharing. Bill will love a few of these on the next meatball sandwich...

  3. thanks for giving me the link to your meatball recipe - I have linked it in to Food on Friday: Meatballs. In a couple of days we should have a fantastic collection of different ways to meatball.
    Have a great week.



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